Stress & Anxiety Services of NJ, LLC

Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Allen Weg, EdD
A-2 Brier Hill Ct
East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816


The Stress & Anxiety Services of NJ (SASNJ) has been an incorporated practice since 1986 with multiple therapists on staff since 2005. 80 percent of all children, adolescents, and adults that we treat have a primary presenting symptom of OCD and/or OCD related disorders.

We refer out for medication, intensive outpatient programs, or inpatient hospitalization as necessary. Our treatment always consists of evaluation, education, encouragement and support, self-observation and recording, labeling the disorder, hierarchy construction, exposure and response prevention, and homework in the form of readings, writing exercises, and behavioral exposure experiences with recording. We sometimes will include cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, and ACT components. We often include family and school personnel as necessary to educate all involved parties about how to respond to the person with OCD with special emphasis on restricting or eliminating reassurance, enabling, or accommodating.

We do offer group therapy. We have available a certified golden retriever therapy dog named Clyde who is extremely popular, especially with our younger clients. We provide referrals to other relevant supportive and educational organizations and to other clinical facilities or other practitioners who provide the same services that we do if a prospective client cannot see us due to geography or finances.

Additional location in Springfield, NJ

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