OCD Treatment

25 Tips for Succeeding in Your OCD Treatment
by Fred Penzel, PhD

Computer, Web, and Smartphone-Based Self-Help Programs for OCD
by Bradley C. Riemann, PhD and Rachel C. Leonard, PhD

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Highly Treatment-Resistant OCD
by Darin Dougherty, MD and Benjamin Greenberg, MD, PhD

The Role of Fear Conditioning in OCD
by Paul R. Munford, PhD

Self-Directed Treatment for OCD: The Irony of Doing the Opposite
by Paul R. Munford, PhD

Relapse Prevention
by James Claiborn, PhD, ABPP

What is ACT?
by Michael Twohig, PhD

Attention Retraining
by Sadia Najmi, PhD and Nader Amir, PhD

Glutamate and OCD
By Michael H. Bloch, MD, Vladimir Coric, MD and Christopher Pittenger, MD, PhD