How Do I Find Help for OCD?

Below are a few resources to help you navigate the IOCDF's Resource Directory that may be helpful to read before you begin:


Once you feel ready to start your search, you can use the Resource Directory to find OCD resources near you, including:

Therapists & Medication Prescribers

Our Resource Directory lists over 2,000 therapists and medication prescribers who specialize in the treatment of OCD and related disorders around the world.  The database is searchable by your location, and each listing provides contact information, treatment specialties, treatment methods, and payment options. To search the directory, click here.


Our Resource Directory also includes intensive treatment programs, specialty outpatient clinics, and residential programs around the world that offer more intensive treatment options for OCD than the traditional once- or twice-a-week individual therapy. There is a wide variety of treatment options across these programs — some are very time limited (over a weekend), a few are very intensive (a residential stay of up to 3 months), and others are more research-focused than treatment-focused. Click here to find a clinic near you in the Resource Directory. You can also click here for a list of all clinics.

Support Groups

The IOCDF Resource Directory lists over 200 support groups for OCD and related disorders around the world. Groups are offered for individuals with the disorder, in addition to their family, loved ones, and caregivers. If you are interested in starting your own support group, or to add or update a current listing click here. If there is no support group located near you, there are also a number of online and phone-based support groups.

Local Affiliates

Our affiliates carry out the mission of the International OCD Foundation through programs at the local community level. Each of our affiliates are non-profit organizations that are run entirely by dedicated volunteers.  Search for an affiliate near you in the Resource Directory, or click here to learn more about the IOCDF Affiliate Program.

If there is not an affiliate in your area, and you are interested in starting one, please email

Global Partners

The IOCDF partners with other non-profit organizations around the world who are committed to the IOCDF mission of improving access to effective treatment and raising awareness of OCD and related and disorders in their own communities across the globe. Search for a Global Partner near you in the Resource Directory, or click here to learn more about the IOCDF Global Partner Program.