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A life underrepresented, so I’ll be loud: Being asexual with OCD

by “Mindful” Meggie Tran, she/they As I entered the beloved San Francisco-based grocery store chain, Bi-Rite, I took in the many colors coating the interior. Over the produce section, a transgender flag and twisty rainbow streamers proudly hung over. Signs posted around the store reminded its patrons that all identities were welcome and safe in… Read more »

Public policy corner: Summer 2021

Originally published in the Summer 2021 edition of the OCD Newsletter. Greetings! During the first half of 2021, as Congress entered a new session, legislators and staff were busy preparing new legislation for consideration and reintroducing bills that failed to pass in the previous session. Here at the IOCDF, we have been watching this process… Read more »

One closet at a time

by Abby Rotstein I have a bit of experience coming out of closets. First, I told everyone I loved that I’m gay. Then, years later, I told those same people I have OCD. More recently, I disclosed that I have depression. I’m like a Russian nesting doll of closets. If I unearth anything more about… Read more »

A message for AAPI clinicians treating OCD and related disorders

How to best support yourself, your colleagues, and your clients in the current racial climate by Weilynn Chang As clinicians who treat obsessive-compulsive and related disorders (OCRD), there are many things to manage in a therapy session. Internally, we are managing the usual clinical space: making sure we are attending to our client’s needs and… Read more »

My story

by Allison Livingston It’s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week! We’re partnering with 2020 Mom and TheBlueDotProject to raise awareness about Perinatal OCD through blog and social posts, a Reddit AMA on Thursday at 2pm ET, and a special town hall on Thursday at 7pm ET. Join us! #MMHWeek2021 #MakingOverMotherhood TW: Suicidal thoughts “You’re doing a great job, Mom!” These were the words I… Read more »

To resist is to persist

by Rachel Huber It’s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week! We’re partnering with 2020 Mom and TheBlueDotProject to raise awareness about Perinatal OCD through blog and social posts, a Reddit AMA on Thursday at 2pm ET, and a special town hall on Thursday at 7pm ET. Join us! #MMHWeek2021 #MakingOverMotherhood TW: Suicidal thoughts I have had… Read more »

Navigating friendships with OCD: Tips to help youth determine whether to share an OCD diagnosis

by Marni L. Jacob, PhD, ABPP (President, OCD Central & South Florida) & Kyle King (IOCDF Advocate) Friendships are a fundamental part of life, yet OCD can sometimes make it challenging for youth to navigate these important relationships. A common predicament for children and adolescents is determining whether to share information about having OCD with… Read more »

Recognizing OCD At Work

by Katherine Jahangiri A few years ago, I was a manager at a tech company — a sector known for pushing the envelope in innovation but falling behind in neurodiversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. I was sitting in a meeting when my then-supervisor lamented about a family member’s struggle with their wife’s obsessive compulsive disorder… Read more »