Today’s #OCDchat Plus a Special Newsletter Preview: Medication for Treatment Resistant OCD

In advance of today’s #OCDchat with Dr. Wayne Goodman, who will be answering your questions about OCD medication, we wanted to give a special preview to Dr. Goodman’s article in the newest issue of the OCD Newsletter.  The OCD Newsletter is a quarterly publication featuring research news, articles from the Therapy Community, and featuring essays… Read more »

OCD Texas Announces Winners to OCD Book Festival

We are pleased to have a guest post today from OCD Texas President, Irene Tobis, to announce the winners of the OCD Book Festival!  The Festival is happening online all week, and everyone is welcome to join in the discussion.  And don’t forget — there is only one day left to vote in the IOCDF’s… Read more »

Today’s #OCDchat: OCD Research Update

Join us at 12 noon Eastern for today’s #OCDchat! We will be joined by Dr. Jon Abramowitz, editor of the Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, to talk about the latest in OCD research! Join the conversation, and ask Dr. Abramowitz your questions about research into OCD’s cause and the latest treatments. About the Panelists: Jon Abramowitz,… Read more »

Today’s #OCDchat: Q & A for Teens and Young Adults with OCD

Every year, we hear from teens and young adults at our Annual OCD Conference, what a life-changing event the conference is — and not necessarily because of the sessions or talks — but because of the friendships, bonds, and camaraderie formed among our young attendees, who so rarely get to make connections with other teens… Read more »

OCD in the Workplace

Editor’s Note: It’s Day Two of International OCD Awareness Week, and we want to continue our discuss about the significance of opening up to friends, family members, and even coworkers about OCD.  This week is all about spreading education and awareness about OCD outside of the OCD community, as a way of increasing understanding, and… Read more »

2013 #OCDweek Creative Expression Contest Finalists

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s OCD Awareness Week Creative Expression Contest!  We received so many wonderful entries, and it was hard work selecting a handful of finalists from all of the quality submissions! Now it is up to you, dear readers, to select your favorites from the finalists!  You can vote for… Read more »

“Coming Out” as Having OCD

Editor’s Note: Today is the first day of International OCD Awareness Week! OCD Awareness Week is an important opportunity to talk about what it really means to have OCD, help dispel myths about mental health, and start to break down stigma.  Part of that process is talking to your friends and family about OCD. Our… Read more »

Announcing the #OCDchat line-up for OCD Awareness Week!

UPDATED 10/11/13: OCD Q&A for Teens and Young Adults has a new time! See below. Our online #OCDchat series is back for OCD Awareness Week next week, and we’ll be hosting experts to talk with you about a different topic Monday – Friday.  Participating in the online chat is easier than ever — no Twitter… Read more »

Do I still have OCD?

When I was first diagnosed with OCD, I told some people about it—friends and family, mostly. And when it seemed appropriate, I’d tell a coworker. But it wasn’t until a couple years ago when I got a book deal that I started to tell everyone. Maybe I’d bring up the book myself, or maybe my… Read more »

#OCDchat Series: What should we chat about?

Help us chose the next topics to cover in our #OCDchat series!  We will be hosting an online chat about OCD and related topics every day of OCD Awareness Week (the week of October 14th), and then once a month throughout the year.  Vote now to pick the topics you would like to discuss, or… Read more »