Fundraise for the IOCDF

There are many ways in which you can support the mission of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) and help increase awareness about OCD and related disorders, starting in your own backyard. We hear often from members around the country who want to share with us the amazing work they are doing to help raise funds to support our work at the grassroots level: from holding a 5K walk, baseball, or kickball tournament, running in a marathon, hosting a house party or awareness reception, or by making a donation in honor of a friend or family member with OCD.

The IOCDF sincerely thanks and applauds all of the dedicated donors who are raising vital funds to support the Foundation’s work and help promote awareness about OCD and related disorders in their community!

While many of you have started these programs on your own, we also hear often from people who want to know what they can do to help. To this end, we at the IOCDF want to make sure that our members and donors have the support they need to create these life-changing local programs and fundraisers. Because that is how awareness building about OCD really begins: by telling our friends and neighbors, who tell their friends and neighbors, and on and on.

What is grassroots fundraising? 

Grassroots fundraising is fundraising that happens outside the scope of a nonprofit’s operations. It is when an individual, like you, decides to raise funds for the IOCDF with the help of family and friends. Some like to think of this as “Do It Yourself,” or DIY, fundraising. There are a number of ways to go about grassroots fundraising — the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination. Leverage your talents and see how creative your fundraising can get!  A few examples include:

  • Have a neighborhood yard sale and donate the proceeds and make a gift to the IOCDF.
  • At your next special life event, such as a birthday or anniversary, ask your friends to make a donation to the IOCDF in lieu of gifts (learn how to donate your birthday on Facebook).
  • Host a House Party (read below to learn more).
  • Start a Crowdfunding campaign online (read below to learn more).
  • Participate in the 1 Million Steps 4 OCD Walk and host a small walk in your neighborhood to raise awareness and raise money for the IOCDF.

Host a House Party for your friends and loved ones and raise funds for the IOCDF

House parties, in particular, are a great way to put a personal face on OCD, while also helping raise funds to support the IOCDF. We recently released a House Party Guide, as a way to help with all of the ins and outs of planning such an event. Click here to download the Guide.

There are many everyday moments that can be transformed into an opportunity to raise both OCD awareness and funds. Events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving moments are fantastic opportunities to ask for donations to help support the important work of the IOCDF. Poker nights, informal wine tastings, and sporting events can all be converted into grassroots fundraising opportunities as well. We are sure you can think of some more!

If you would like to host a grassroots fundraising event for the Foundation, we’d love to help. Please contact us at

Use a Crowdfunding Website to Start an Online Campaign

Crowdfunding is a relatively new way of raising money by asking many people to contribute modest amounts to a specific cause, usually online (through websites such as Mightycause, Kickstarter, or CrowdRise), or through text messages. Crowdfunding has been used to raise money for charities, disaster relief, and political campaigns, as well as for business startups, musicians, films, and other creative arts.

Many new crowdfunding websites have come out recently, which allow individual supporters like you to create and share your own fundraising campaigns for the cause of your choosing. These sites allow you to create an online profile explaining your fundraising goals and your personal reasons for wanting to get involved, and then instantly share your campaign with the public as well as your Facebook friends, family members, and other social networks. 

One crowdfunding site that allows you to raise money directly for non-profits is The IOCDF is a registered charity with Mightycause, making registration with the site that much easier. Starting a campaign on Mightycause is absolutely free, and by using Mightycause you can create a simple and fun campaign, easily tell your friends about it, and collect all of your donations securely online.

Using Mightycause is as easy as 1-2-3: 

  • Register as a user at
  • Select an area that best describes your campaign.
  • Set your fundraising goal.  (Note: You cannot change your goal once this is set.)

Now, the fun part begins. You get to name your campaign (Get creative!), upload a photo, and share your story.  Once you have saved your campaign, Mightycause allows you to easily email your story to your family, friends, and colleagues.  It also allows you to instantly post to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign to benefit the IOCDF, and have questions or would like help setting up your campaign, please email us at