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We understand that for people living with OCD, family members, and professionals who treat OCD and related disorders,  it can sometimes be a challenge to find comprehensive information that addresses your specific needs.  In addition, with all of the information out there, it can be difficult to know what sources are vetted and trustworthy.

At the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) we understand these challenges. That is why we collaborate with leading experts to bring you informative and accurate information about the latest therapy, research, and treatment in OCD and related disorders. In 2018, it is our goal to ensure that more of this information is available to you on our website. That’s why we have recently revamped our “Expert Opinions” section to now be called “From the Experts”, and include even more relevant and informative articles.

Our From the Experts section includes articles that are relevant and accessible to people living with OCD and their loved ones, as well as to mental health professionals.  There articles go beyond what we cover in our “Learn More About OCD” sections, in order to provide more in-depth looks at various areas of OCD management and treatment. Current article categories include:

In addition to adding new articles, we have also added an entirely new section “OCD in Diverse Populations,” which includes articles that address the unique challenges faced by minorities affected by OCD and related disorders. Current articles in this section include:

All of the articles that we share have been firmly vetted by the IOCDF, so you can trust that what you are reading is presented accurately and honestly.

You can find our “From the Experts” section located under the “Find Resources” header on our homepage or by visiting iocdf.org/from-the-experts.  We will be adding new articles on a quarterly basis to ensure that you have access to fresh content that covers new areas of interest.

We strive to deliver information that offers value to the community and welcome your suggestions about specific subjects or areas that you would like to see covered by our experts.  If you have suggestions please feel free to email them to membership@iocdf.org. In addition, you can become an IOCDF member in order to gain access to our quarterly OCD newsletter, which features new expert articles in each issue. For more information, please visit www.iocdf.org/membership.

We hope that you will find this information helpful!



    Can we expect gene therapy for OCD soon??

    Can stem cells help to manage OCD? I heard , it may cure OCD.


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